Stretch Films
Stretch films are expandable items that were created to protect items from damage. Made from durable plastic material, these veils protect products by firmly being wrapping around these items.
Wrapping Film
Offered Wrapping Films have been developed by following advanced multiple extrusion technology. These packaging materials are odor free and fog protected. These impact protected films can be used under high temperature condition.
PE Film
Provided PE Films are appreciated for their standard quality, even surface, moisture protection capacity and dust proof design. These cost effective packaging materials can withstand high temperature and are free from discoloration.
LD Film
LD Films have been processed by using latest casting technology that ensures about their better cling resistant capacity. These impact and chemical proof packaging solutions are light in weight and these have excellent flexibility level.
Stretch Film Machine
Install a stretch film machine to automate the stretch film wrapping process. In response to rising labor costs, hand wrapping has been replaced by machine wrapping. This machine carries out its wrapping process at high speed.

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