LD Shrink Film

LD Shrink Film

100 INR/Kilograms

Product Details:

  • Product Type Shrink Films
  • Transparency Transparent
  • Hardness Soft
  • Lamination Multi-Layer
  • Customized Customized Sizes Design
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LD Shrink Film Price And Quantity

  • 500 Kilograms
  • 100 INR/Kilograms

LD Shrink Film Product Specifications

  • Shrink Films
  • Transparent
  • Customized Sizes Design
  • Soft
  • Multi-Layer

LD Shrink Film Trade Information

  • 500 Kilograms Per Day
  • 05 Days
  • North India

Product Description

LD Shrink Films have been produced by following multiple extrusion technology. Soft to touch, these packaging materials are translucent in appearance. These moisture protected packaging solutions have excellent tear resistant properties. White in color, these have standard width and length. Standard thickness level, high tenacity level, good puncture resistant property, unique anti tearing performance and excellent adhesiveness are the key features of these materials. These products have been developed under controlled temperature by using superior quality raw materials. Quality of these packaging materials has been verified on the basis of their strength, diameter, content and resistant capacity.  Affordable price, recyclable quality, light weight and good light transparency rate are the key features of these products. We are a distinguished manufacturer and supplier of premium grade Low Density Shrink Films.

LD Shrink Film Features:

1. Shrinkability: Low Density shrink film is designed to shrink when heat is applied, allowing it to conform tightly around the product being packaged. This shrinkability creates a secure and protective barrier around the item, reducing the risk of damage during transit or storage.

2. Clarity: LD shrink film typically has excellent clarity, which means it offers high transparency. This feature allows for product visibility, enabling customers to see the packaged item clearly. Clear packaging can be especially beneficial for retail applications, as it showcases the product's appearance and quality.

3. Strength and Durability: LD shrink film is known for its strength and durability. It provides good puncture resistance, tear resistance, and overall protection against external forces. This strength ensures that the packaged goods remain intact and protected from potential damage throughout the distribution chain.

4. Versatility: LD shrink film is versatile and can be used for packaging various types of products, including food items, beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and more. Its compatibility with different packaging equipment, such as shrink tunnels or heat guns, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

5. Sealing Properties: LD shrink film can be easily sealed using heat sealing equipment. It forms strong and reliable seals, preventing the contents from spilling or leaking. This feature is particularly crucial for products that require airtight or tamper-evident packaging.

6. Cost-Effectiveness: LD shrink film is generally more cost-effective compared to other types of shrink films. Its lower density contributes to reduced material costs, making it an economical choice for packaging applications.

7. Recyclability: LD shrink film is recyclable, which means it can be processed and reprocessed into new plastic products. Recycling helps reduce environmental impact and promotes sustainability by minimizing the amount of plastic waste sent to landfills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is Low Density shrink film?

A: LD shrink film is a type of plastic film that is commonly used for packaging applications. It is made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which gives it certain properties such as shrinkability when heat is applied.

Q: How does LD shrink film work?

A: LD shrink film works by using heat to shrink and conform tightly around the product or item being packaged. When heat is applied, the film shrinks, creating a secure and protective barrier around the item. This process is typically done using heat tunnels or heat guns.

Q: What are the advantages of using LD shrink film?

A: LD shrink film offers several advantages, including excellent clarity for product visibility, strength and durability to protect against damage, versatility for different packaging applications, reliable sealing properties, cost-effectiveness, and recyclability.

Q: What products can be packaged using LD shrink film?

A: LD shrink film can be used to package a wide range of products, including food items, beverages, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries.

Q: Is LD shrink film safe for food packaging?

A: Yes, LD shrink film is considered safe for food packaging. However, it is important to ensure that the LD shrink film used for food packaging complies with relevant food safety regulations and standards.

Q: Can LD shrink film be printed on?

A6: Yes, LD shrink film can be printed on using various printing methods such as flexographic or gravure printing. This allows for branding, product information, or labeling to be added to the packaging.

Q: How can LD shrink film be recycled?

A: LD shrink film is recyclable and can be recycled through plastic recycling programs. It is typically collected, sorted, and processed into reusable plastic pellets that can be used to manufacture new plastic products.

Q: Are there different thicknesses available for Low Density shrink film?

A: Yes, LD shrink film is available in various thicknesses, ranging from thin films (e.g., 40 to 60 gauge) to thicker films (e.g., 100 to 200 gauge). The appropriate thickness depends on the specific packaging requirements and the type of product being packaged.

Q: Can LD shrink film be used with automated packaging equipment?

A: Yes, LD shrink film is compatible with automated packaging equipment such as shrink tunnels and packaging machines. It can be easily integrated into production lines for efficient and high-volume packaging operations.

Q: Where can I purchase LD shrink film?

A: LD shrink film can be purchased from packaging suppliers, distributors, or online retailers that specialize in packaging materials. It is recommended to consult with experts or suppliers to ensure you select the right LD shrink film for your specific packaging needs.
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